How to make fresh Gnocchetti Sardi


BE AWARE: Our Dohs Contain Nuts! Our products are NOT Celiac guaranteed.

Gnocchetti Sardi (Dense and Chewy Dumplings): A staple of Sardinia, these dumplings are traditionally made with a simple combination of semolina and water, often flavored and colored with a little saffron. Our grain free version use FRESH DOH grain and gluten free fresh pasta mix and water!

Our version are more dense and chewy than the traditional version made with wheat flower. Gnocchetti are rolled into shape on a gnocchi paddle. This makes them particularly adept at holding ragùs and sauces. You can get this same ribbed effect by using a fork. (See video.) These dumplings are classically accompanied by sausage and fennel ragù called Campidanese.


Fresh Gnocchetti Sardi Recipe:

1 tablespoon olive oil (for boiling water)

1 package of FRESH DOH Fresh Pasta Dough Mix

½ cup water plus 1 tablespoon at a time (as needed)

1 teaspoon (to coat plate or work surface) 

1 teaspoon olive oil (to coat gnocchi if needed)


In a pot bring 16 cups of water plus 1 tablespoon of olive oil to a boil. In the bowl of a mixer add FRESH DOH mix and water.  Make in a bowl, food processor or mixer. Mixer is easiest. Mix together to form a sticky DOH.  Set in a bowl and refrigerate for at least one hour. The DOH should not be too sticky once cooled.

Coat a plate  in oil (to keep gnocchi from sticking.) Set aside.

Transfer DOH to parchment paper on work surface. Cut DOH into 8 pieces. Now gently roll each 1/8th of dough into a snake-shaped log, roughly the thickness of your thumb. Use a knife to cut pieces every 3/4-inch.

To shape the gnocchi hold a fork in one hand and place a gnocchi pillow against the tines of the fork. Use your thumb and press in and down the length of the fork. The gnocchi should curl into a slight “C” shape, their backs will capture the impression of the tines as tiny ridges (good for catching sauce later). Set each piece of gnocchi on the oiled plate. Repeat, using all the DOH.

Boil for 4 minutes or until gnocchi float to the water’s surface. Remove gnocchi from the boiling water with slotted spoon. Place drained gnocchi in a bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to coat. Use as needed.


How To Make FRESH DOH Grain and Gluten Free Gnocchi Sardi from Shari Darling on Vimeo.