How to Make Fresh Pasta and Noodles Video


BE AWARE: Our DOHs contain nuts! Our products are NOT Celiac guaranteed.

Here are a few secrets to making perfect DOH!

  • Follow package directions and always measure! When working with FRESH DOH think of yourself as a “baker” not a cook. If you don’t measure exactly, you won’t get the right DOH results.
  • Grain and gluten free dough (in general) is NOT FORGIVING like wheat dough. Why? Because gluten gives dough its elasticity and that’s why pizza makers can fling a pizza crust above their heads and catch it without any dough breakage.
  • Without gluten, grain free DOH has little forgiveness. So follow the directions and refrain from rolling the DOH too thin. If the DOH is too thin you’ll have a challenge cutting and picking up the noodles in one piece.
  • The noodles expand in boiling water so cut them thinner than usual.
  • Make the other noodle shapes like rotini smaller than usual. They will also expand in size in boiling water.
  • Using a food processor or mixer (rather than by hand) makes the process of making the DOH easier, faster and better incorporated.
  • Be gentle in working with both raw and boiled noodles as they can easily break.
  • Even if noodles break, they are JUST as tasty. In fact, some dishes call for broken noodles!

Makes 4 portions

1 tablespoon olive oil (for boiling water)

1 package FRESH DOH Grain & Gluten Free Fresh Pasta Dough Mix

1/2 cup cold water (another 1 tablespoon if needed)

1 teaspoon olive oil (for coating noodles)


In a pot bring 16 cups of water plus 1 tbsp. of olive oil to a boil. In in a bowl, food processor or mixer. Food processor or mixer is easier.  If mixing by hand, empty package contents into the bowl. Slowly add 1/2-cup of cold water. Mix with a fork. Then knead with your hands. Add another 1 tablespoon of water at a time until firm, sticky ball forms. Divide in half. Cover one ball with damp cloth. Place another ball onto parchment paper. Flatten ball. Using the flat side of a long knife or pastry cutter, shape ball into a 4” X 4” square. Top square with another sheet of parchment paper. Roll out square to 8” X 8”. Lift top parchment paper. Cut square into 1/8th-inch noodles. Set on plate, covered with damp cloth. Make second set of noodles with remaining DOH ball. Put all noodles into boiling water. Boil for 3 minutes until noodles float to the surface. Remove noodles with slotted spoon, being careful not to break them. Rinse noodles under hot water and drain.  Set drained noodles in a bowl.  Coat with olive oil.  Toss noodles with favorite sauce or broth.


How to Make Gluten and Grain Free Fresh Pasta and Noodles from Shari Darling on Vimeo.