Read what our champions say about our FRESH DOH fresh pasta mix…


“Having been recently diagnosed as a diabetic, I was distressed to realize that pasta would have to be greatly reduced, or even eliminated from my diet. Then, I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner, and she served a delicious bowl of Korean Beef Short Rib Soup – heaped with noodles. Before I could utter a word, she told me that they were grain-free noodles, that she had made them just before I arrived, and they were called FRESH DOH! They were incredible. The texture was soft and pillow-y, with a bit of a nutty taste to them – just enough to stand up to the bite of the soup.   I felt full quite quickly, and the feeling stayed with me throughout the evening, and overnight. Most importantly, my blood sugar levels stayed even through the night, and even into the next morning, when my fasting glucose level was lower than it had been since I started recording my levels.” – Michele Menard


“I am a foodie.  I like the look and shape of the noodles.  Very tasty with cheese sauce and as a colourful cold dish with a variety of veggies, i.e. peppers, tomatoes.  The noodles themselves had a similar pasta flavour and were done to a perfect aladente texture.  Would never had known they were grain free!  Knowing now  that they were made with almond flour enhances the protein factor.  I’m ready to have some more.” – Helen Samuels


“I have a few words to say about the FRESH DOH pasta that I ate with meat sauce and meat balls. I found it very enjoyable. The texture of the noodles I found delightful because of their density and chew ability. With wheat based pasta I tend to barely chew it and then swallow. With the Fresh Doh noodles, however, I enjoyed it so much more because the noodles were thicker and I had to chew more. I loved the flavour of them. I was left satisfied.” – Brenda Bulgin


“As someone committed to eating as few processed foods as possible, I avoid buying pasta and most grain-filled products. FRESH DOH makes it possible to treat myself (and any food-sensitive guests) to delicious, homemade noodles that actually add to our healthy protein intake. Great product.” – Michelle Leduc Catlin